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Kaylyn - Owner of Smitten in a Mitten est. 2014

           - Co-owner of Homebody's est. 2020

first began this business in college by making personalized products for friends and family. This quickly took off and I decided to purchase a laser engraver which expanded my opportunities to make more unique and customized items. 

Being born and raised a little outside of Detroit, Michigan, Smitten in a Mitten felt like the right name to honor the place that I will always call home. 

In Fall of 2019, I moved down to North Carolina and began woodworking, making custom furniture and other home decor. 

Natasha and I often brainstormed business ventures since we were both interested in expanding our small businesses and sharing products with everyone. In 2020, we came up with the idea of Homebody's, where I would sell my Smitten in a Mitten custom pieces while she would supply and educate individuals on self care products through Mod Spa. 

If you see any products on the website or in store that you would like personalized, please submit a request below. 

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