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When would Ladies Night on White be?

Every 3rd Thursday of the month, 6pm-9pm *GOAL: July 15th first event

Incentives for people to come

- sales and/or specials at stores and eateries - "punch card" system - customers would receive a punch card with list of participating businesses and once they visited (made purchases?) a set amount of locations they can bring the punch card back to receive *something* (possibly an entry to a raffle) - swag bags- first “set amount” of people to come to the table will receive a swag bag

What we need from downtown businesses

- willingness to be open during Ladies Night - possibly have sales or specials (can be minor) - if businesses do not want to participate, they could possibly have marketing material in swag bags or at table (at central location)

Why do we need sponsors and what is the benefit?

- t shirts - printed 'shopping' bags Benefit: - Marketing included on our branding (tshirts, bags) - Marketing included in our swag bags - Possible collaborations for local giveaways

Overall Goal

To bring more people and excitement to downtown Wake Forest through a monthly Ladies Night where patrons can enjoy a fun night of sales, specials, and socializing with friends.

How will we get the word out about Ladies Night on White?

Social media Instagram: @ladiesnightonwhite Facebook: - Printed flyers - Posters - Local influencers

What are the "swag bags"

Swag bags will contain marketing materials of participating businesses and any information on the sales/specials going on that night. We are hoping to get some printed reusable bags to hand out as incentives.