We are hoping to work together to get more shoppers downtown!
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What we're hoping to do

Have shoppers make purchases at each of our four shops and be rewarded with a free t-shirt

What would you have to do?

- Give cards to customers that do not already have one - When someone makes a purchase in your store, hole punch their card.

What would this cost each of us?

If all four businesses participate, it will cost us $258.51 each - Shirts (144), punchcards, posters, flyers, hole punchers - Total: $1,034.04 - Total /4: $258.51 (per business if all 4 businesses participate) ***thats about $1.80 per shirt - only customers who make a purchase at all 4 of our stores gets a shirt

What would the customer have to do?

1 - Get a card from any of our stores 2 - Make a purchase at each of our stores & get a hole punch on their card 3 - Bring the completed card to Homebody's (we will pass out the shirts)

Misc. Information

- Will only last until the shirts run out. We are looking at ordering about 144 shirts. - We will take care of getting all the materials (cards/flyers/hole punchers) together & get them to each of your stores - "Cards" will just be printed flyers (size of a quarter sheet of paper)

Shirt Information

***The attached design is a first draft & we are making edits - this is just so you can get an idea of what we'd like to do*** Click on the photo to see more information - 100% cotton - North Carolina/Wake Forest design on front - Each of our logos will be on the back of the shirt (if you decide to participate) - We would order 144 shirts in a range of sizes - We are working on a final design

What does the QR code link to?

Free T-Shirt Promo.png
Free T-Shirt Promo (1).png
Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 12.24.30